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Notice to all students about the 2019/20 spring semester

Utolsó módosítás: 2020. április 20.

Notice to all students about the 2019/20 spring semester exam period


Notice to all students about the 2019/20 spring semester exam period

Due to the emergency situation, the spring semester academic calendar was amended by the University Council on April 9th. Accordingly, the date of the exam and final exam period will be as follows:
Exam period:
• May 4th - June 6th 2020 for last year students
• May 18th – July 3rd 2020 for non-last year students
Exam registration in Neptun:
• From 9.30 am April 23rd for last year students
• Non last year students: from 9.30 am May 11th for full-time students; from 9.30 am May 12th for part-time and distance learning students.
Please bear in mind that Neptun exam registration is obligatory even if the course requires a home assignment!
Third retake of the same course requires an administrative fee of 3,000 HUF, while fourth and further retakes require 5,000 HUF.
Deadline of obtaining the pre-degree certificate for last year (final exam is due in June) students: June 6th 2020.
Conditions of taking the final examination:
• obtaining the pre-degree certificate,
• the student shall not have a financial debt in a particular training and shall not have a library debt
• his/her thesis/final degree work/portfolio has been uploaded and accepted
Final examination period: June 15-26 2020
According to Section 13§ (1) of Government Decree 101/2020. (IV.10) on obtaining the final examination:
„The final examination procedure shall be organised for the students by the higher-education institution. For the duration of the exam, the student is allowed to enter the institution. During the exam, social distancing must be provided: at least 1.5 metres shall be kept".
Regarding the latest epidemic-related actions, the above points are subject to change.

In case of suspended courses and suspended professional practices (all students had been informed previously by the instructor), the updated semester schedule is as follows:
- August 1-21: study period, courses, making up professional practices
- From August 11: exam registration in Neptun
- August 10-15: final exam registration for last year students (final exam is due on August 31)
- August 24-28. final exam period for last year students
- August 28. obtaining pre-degree certificates in case of a September final exam
- August 24 - September 4. exam period for non-last year students
- August 31. retake of final exam for those students who were not able to obtain the pre-degree certificate till June 6th 2020 due to course suspension

Important notice: Only those students are able to get a seminar mark (and register for the exams) who do not have a financial debt in the training (in Neptun, it is available here: FinancesPayment).
I hereby inform you that according to the Rector's instruction 3/2020. (III.26.), seminar marks can be obtained in the exam period as well!
Within 10 days after the end of the exam period, the student may object to the instructor's evaluation. After this period, further complaints are not possible since the Registrars' Office will start to close the semester and the student's average will be calculated.
According to Section 27 §, Point (4), Paragraph c), the student legal relationship is terminated if
the student (who started his/her studies in the autumn semester of 2012/13 academic year) attempted to retake the same course 5 times and failed.
I hereby inform you that reclassification stipulated in Section 48§ (2) of Act CCIV of 2011 on Higher Education (hereinafter: Nftv) is not relevant due to Section 4§ of Government Decree 101/2020. (IV.10).
Reclassification is still relevant:
c) according to Section 47§ (3) of Nftv, if the student cannot finish his/her studies during the funded period+2 semesters period, the student can only continue studies in a self-financing form even if (s)he doesn't reach the maximum 12-semester funded period (stipulated in Section 47§ (1) of Nftv).
d) according to Section 47§ (1) of Nftv, if the student exceeds the maximum 12-semester funded period.
If case of one of the abovementioned points, the student can start the next semester only in a self-financing form.
According to Rector's instruction 3/2020. (III.26.), the legal relationship of the student (who started his/her studies in September 2019) is not terminated if (s)he does not obtain at least 15 credits in 2019/20 academic year.
Updated 2019/20 academic calendar and the upcoming 2020/21 academic calendar are available here:
- Updated 2019/20: https://iig.uni-eszterhazy.hu/download/prD55KxfB40k1fE3f41ilnRsu8z22UR2dF5Y2Jf6

- Upcoming 2020/21: https://iig.uni-eszterhazy.hu/download/4Q495eLFw9w5J8f2Sw1jnGdT4a0XXj0TmZKHwX0A


Eger, 14th April 2020

Csilla Varga sg.
Head of Registrars' Office

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