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Utolsó módosítás: 2020. április 20.


Information on Thesis Topic Choice
Notice to AVK and TTK students (final exam is due in January 2022); GTK and IK students (final exam is due in June 2021)

Thesis consultation/seminar is included in the students' curriculum and it is an obligatory course.
According to Section 46§ (4) of the Code for Studies and Exams, students shall choose a thesis topic relevant to their major.
Thesis topics are chosen in Neptun. Its guidance is available here:

Thesis topic choice period: April 15th – June 1st 2020
Students can choose from the topics offered by the relevant department. Students can even ask for a new thesis topic.
In both cases, students shall discuss all details with the instructor of the thesis. After the discussion, the student shall make a brief thesis outline which shall be uploaded to Neptun in a PDF format.
If the student asks for a new thesis topic, (s)he shall discuss it with the instructor in advance. Initiated by the instructor, the relevant administrator creates the new topic in Neptun. Then the student can choose the topic there.
I also inform you that in the following semesters after the topic choice,
• last two semesters in bachelor and master trainings of GTK,
• last two semesters in master trainings of AVK
• last three semesters in bachelor trainings of AVK/TTK
• last two semesters in bachelor trainings of IK

students shall register for the thesis seminar course (with the instructor whom the student had discussed previously) in every semester.
Only those students can take the final exam who fulfil all of the above requirements and complete thesis seminar courses as well.

Gyöngyös, April 15th 2020

Ildikó Végh
Head of Office of Educational Affairs

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